Since the benefits of kelp is many, I decided to include some testimonies.


I had completed a small journal study on iodine supplementation just before acquiring this, and there’s some evidence that low iodine stages can direct to indicators of hypothyroidism (tiredness, weight acquire, chilly fingers and feet, etc) and perhaps breast, prostate and thyroid cancers, ADHD, pre-eclampsia, and autism. 1 great overview article is at: […]

I have several of these situations managing in 1 facet of my household so I made a decision to give it a try. Within an hour or two, my fingers commenced to come to feel warm. I instantly experienced a wonderful increase in power, which continues to be after taking iodine day-to-day for the final two months. I’m also sleeping significantly far better. My spouse and son started out using this as nicely, also with extremely, very good outcomes.

In accordance to NHANES, the huge federal government examine that examines nutrition in The united states over time, we ingest 50 % as significantly iodine as we did in 1970, and really massive proportion of us are deficient. This is a excellent way to exchange what we’ve lost.


1. I got this for an individual else but purchased two (thought I would attempt out). Soon after 1st pair of capsules (1 for every day), I truly commenced to get excellent slumber. I woke up refreshed. Existence appeared much far more constructive. I initally regarded that perhaps I am having a placebo impact. Could be but I am having it for 3 months and truly feel usually far better if I get the capsules. I minimize down on coffee considerably since I really don’t truly feel exhausted in the afternoons.

2. I discovered that I really feel far better if I break up 1 capsule into two and have one/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the night. I just wrap it in a quite modest piece of kleenex and get it :). The capsule alone is made up of gelatin so the vegetarians (and Jewish and Muslim) have to do that. I wish they had this in vegetable gelatin or other non-gelatin capsules.

3. I tried to get multivitamins that incorporate iodine and I need to say that the impact is not noticable. So I am sticking with kelp. Plus it us more all-natural.

4. Kelp does not have the same impact on my spouse – no variation if she takes it or not. So I guess it is man or woman certain.

Rating: four.five stars – would have been 5 stars or even greater if the capsules did not contain animal gelatin.


I have experienced breast pain for a yr. I had an US completed on my breast that verified I have Fibrocystic Breasts. The pain was truly bothersome specially when I lie down or sit. I experienced to search for a specified place or dress in limited bra to reduce the soreness. I took discomfort killers but they didn’t function that properly in addition typical ingestion for a long period of time poses ‘bad’ systemic facet outcomes. I stumbled throughout this merchandise and evaluations that other girls wrote who had breast discomfort. I made the decision to try it and in about 2 days the ache was virtually if not all long gone. It is now my 3rd week and I just have to say that I’m happy. I would absolutely advise this to females who experience breast ache. BTW, I get one particular cap a working day.

These are but a few of the testimonials. People really do get results when taking Kelp. The kelp benefits are astounding and more and more people are beginning to find that out.

What do people say about my recommended Kelp products?

Nature's Way Kelp

Nature’s Way. A very popular source of kelp.

Love this for my nutritional balancing, detoxing needs

This is a great product for chelating toxic metals and it is a lot cheaper than those expensive sea greens like spirulina.

Good source of Iodine!

After going on a low sodium diet several years ago, I switched to Sea Salt, unfortunately that doesn’t contain Iodine. This is a good solution for me.

I wouldn’t be without this for more than a few days

I really like this product. I figured out about ten years ago that despite salting almost everything, my iodine level was too low. My nails snapped off when I pulled on my socks, and my energy level had plummeted. I tried the compressed kelp pills but that was too much iodine for me (my skin got very oily, a known side effect of excess iodine). It’s very hard to get too much iodine in terms of having an adverse effect on your health, but if you take too much you can get oily skin. The Nature’s Way kelp capsules work very well for me. I take one a day before bed and my nails no longer break off or splinter and my energy level is good. I definitely recommend it if you think you might be iodine deficient (is your energy low, do your nails break easily?)

Try Nature’s Way Kelp

Great video explaining what kelp is with its benefits


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