Answering email

What diet do you recommend someone who wants to lose fat and weight?

Paleo diet magic – Losing weight and fat with the help of a paleo diet

I have received a lot of emails regarding what diet I recommend someone who wants to lose weight. I have talked a lot about how one of the Kelp benefits are weight loss through metabolism and it is great to incorporate it in your diet. Some of you want to change your diet completely and if you want to try something new, I can only recommend the paleo diet. Some of you have most likely heard about it, it is the best thing you can do to your body.

Why? Because we were never meant to eat the way we do today, our brain might have adapted to this new age with technology and fast processed food etc, however, our body organs have NOT! The truth is that we need a better diet and a lot of my friends have slowly begun to try paleo diet. First they started out trying it just to see what the fuss was about, then they slowly began to make it a habit, a habit of eating healthy. Healthy foods are not only great for you but it also tastes good too, if you know how to cook it.

My point is, I can only recommend that which I have experiece with myself, which is the paleo diet. I don’t eat the paleo way everyday but I do it often enough to get the benefits of it.
This is the nicest guy i know, his knowledge is extremely vast in the area of paleo, I recommend watching the video.

Click here to watch the paleo video


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