Five Kelp Benefits

A healthy heart is key.

There has been scientific reports stating that cardiovascular problems caused by free radicals are associated with the missing antioxidants in your body. Vegetables & fruits are known to have antioxidants in them, the same is true with sea vegetables like Kelp. Since kelp is a sea vegetable, it offers you a little bit different kind of antioxidant, which may increase the overall benefit that kelp has. You might be aware that heart disease and even cancer are lower in Asia. Countries like Japan have used kelp in their diets for a very long time. Sea vegetables and sea food is not something strange to Asian countries and this is definitely something that the west can become better at.

The thyroid.

A lot of people lack iodine and is common amongst people who don’t eat sea vegetables and other sea food. This may contribute to thyroid problems and can cause a so called ‘hypothyroidism’ which is a thyroid imbalance. One benefit of kelp is that it is rich in iodine and if eaten, it helps the body production of specific thyroid hormones which is key for a healthy and working metabolism.

Weight loss.

Since the metabolism is positively affected by kelp, it will be easier for a person to lose weight. While iodine efficiency can slow the metabolism down which isn’t very good, in fact, it may result in obesity. Iy is enough to substitute salt with kelp to get the necessary level of iodine required for your body to function properly.

Other kelp benefits

  • Helps boosting your immune system
  • Fights cancer
  • Prevents diseases such as heart disease
  • Liver starts to work properly
  • Great food for your brain, helps with the development of it.
  • Helps with osteoporosis
  • Very good for lowering cholestrol
  • Helps with arthritic pain and other joint problems
  • Kills herpes virus
  • Very good for fertility in both men & women alike.
  • Boost your energy levels

These benefits is what made me get kelp in my diet. I thought that it really was no reason to miss out on these effects. Many problems are related to what we eat and in Asia this is a favourite so putting this in a diet is key to a good healthy life.

How do you get kelp?

In order to gain the benefits of kelp, you will need to get it in to your diet, obviously. The question is, where does one get it? Not many stores offer kelp since it isnt very widely known. If you want to incorporate Kelp in your diet, you can browse my Amazon supported store here or visit amazon directly by clicking here


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